Scented Candles Versus Reed Diffusers

reed diffuser scented candles

The air in any home can become a little dull over time. This is especially true in the winter months when we are less likely to open windows for air flow. You also may be having trouble controlling kitchen odors in a smaller home or apartment. Home fragrances are a great solution to this problem, but what type of fragrance option should you choose? This article will compare the differences between scented candles and reed [...] Read more »

Decorating With Framed Photos And Art Prints

decorating with photos

Do you feel like your home’s design is still lacking? It could be because you have rooms full of bare walls. One way to easily decorate your bare walls is with framed photos, posters and art prints. With these simple accents you can have an improved design in hardly any time at all. This article will introduce you to decorating with framed photos and art prints on your walls. You may be wondering where you [...] Read more »

Wall Hangings Or Tapestries Add Beauty and History to Your Walls


Are you bored with the same old framed pictures and art work on your walls? You may want to try decorating with tapestries. Wall tapestries are rising in popularity and quickly becoming a trend among home designers. They are both beautiful and historic in their presentation. This article will introduce you to the history and use of wall tapestries. The art of making tapestries first appeared in Germany and Switzerland. This art form then expanded [...] Read more »

Using Wall Decals For Decorating

wall decal

Wall decals have become very popular in the interior design world over the past several years. They are quicker and cheaper than other decorating techniques such as wall paper and painted designs. Another reason why wall decals are great is that you can see how they will look in your space before application, and they can be easily removed when you need a design change. If you are planning on using decals in your next [...] Read more »

Decorative Switch Plates

There are many different ways that you can redecorate or spice up your living spaces. You may have recently added some new pieces, and still found your design to be lacking. You may also be struggling with a small amount of options to improve your design or a small budget. One design item that most people overlook are decorative switch plates. This article will introduce you to decorative switch plates and their installation. What is [...] Read more »

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