How to build a custom wallpaper

4 FourFourSolutions article Why do you think my walls are looking so bad?

I don’t like the way they look.

It’s almost as if I have to look at them to be happy. 

I’m a minimalist who prefers to use a lot of white. 

But I’m not a big fan of a white wall.


Because it’s boring and it doesn’t have much personality. 

So when I came across these white walls, I decided to make my own.

I thought I could turn a white wallpaper into something more unique, something that could look great in a home or office. 

You can find the exact wallpaper I used here, but if you want a different look, try these more modern designs from home decor and interior decorating company FourFoursolutions: The wall art I used is a simple black wall piece. 

To create this white wall piece, I used a small mirror to paint the white, then covered it with a fabric. 

The mirror created a reflection in the white and the fabric reflected the mirror back to create a beautiful wall. 

After the fabric was added, I added a small wooden stick and a wooden block to create the outline of the wall.

This wall will be hung in a closet. 

This is a very simple wall.

I only used one wall piece because I wanted to keep the wall as simple as possible. 

It was also very easy to paint, since the mirror was painted black.

I chose a black and white pattern because I think it makes it stand out from the rest of the walls. 

What you’ll need to do: 1 mirror to reflect a light source like a window or door. 

3 or 4 wooden sticks. 

Small wooden blocks. 

A wooden stick. 

White fabric.

What you’ll do with the wall: Step 1. 

Paint a white canvas with a reflection of your mirror. 

Step 2. 

Lay the fabric down on the mirror and paint your white canvas. 

Repeat steps 1 and 2 on each side.  Step 3. 

Continue painting your white fabric with the white mirror.

Step 4. 

Add your wood blocks to create your wall outline. 

How to make your own white wall wall piece: To make your wall, first you need to make the fabric.

The mirror can be used for this purpose. 

Once you have the mirror, you need two pieces of fabric: a black one and a white one. 

Use the mirror to make a reflection and paint the black fabric.

I used my mirror and my small wooden sticks to make this wall outline and then used my black fabric to paint it white. Step 1. 

 Lay the black piece of fabric flat on the white fabric and paint it. 

Using the mirror on the black part, paint the reflections of your reflection onto the white part. 

Note: You will need to paint each mirror a different color. 


Place your white piece of cloth over the black. 

Cover the white with the fabric, leaving enough room for the reflection to get through. 

Then paint the reflection on the cloth. 

Next, paint on your reflection to the black, creating a reflection that looks like a reflection on your mirror, but with the mirror’s reflection. 

Tip: Make sure you leave a bit of space between the two mirrors. 

Make the wall with this mirror and your black fabric and then paint the wall outline using the same method as you did with the black wall.

Step 2: Repeat the steps for the white wall, adding more white fabric on top of the white. 

 How to create wall wall outlines: When you paint the walls, you want to leave room for reflections of the mirror.

Step 3: The reflection of the reflection of a reflection will create a wall outline that looks pretty. 

When painting, you don’t want to paint too close to the wall to get the reflection’s reflection on it.

This is because the reflection could block the wall and cause it to look like a wall.

 If you want your wall to be more unique and distinctive, paint your wall as a wall and then add the reflection back to it to create an extra wall.

If you don, your wall will look like this. 

And if you use the same technique as with the reflection, you’ll get a reflection-based wall outline instead.

Step 5: Now add your black wall outline onto the other wall.

To create the background, you will use the reflection-and-reflection technique. 

Here’s how it works: Place a mirror on top and paint a reflection into the mirror that reflects back the reflection onto your mirror (or mirror itself). 

The reflective reflection then creates the background. 

Take a photo of your wall and fill in the spots with white.

Then paint the background onto the wall using the reflection.

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