“I got a real kick out of my own backyard”

Home decor tile from the ’80s and ’90s is going for a record $100,000 on eBay, selling for a price that will be eclipsed only by the price of the Super Bowl.

The ceramic tiles that adorned a home in Texas were auctioned at Christie’s auction house in New York on Tuesday.

They were sold for $9,300, or $25,400.

They sold at Christie for $1,600, or about $4,600.

The auction house had previously auctioned the same tiles to the tune of $20,000 to the artist, Mark Davis.

They are valued at $150,000.

One tile, titled “I Got a Real Kick Out of My Own Home,” sold for more than $20 million in 2016.

A similar tile, “The Secret Door,” sold in 2019 for $12 million.

The tiles were first made in the 1980s and have a ceramic appearance.

They have been on display at galleries, art shows, and private events, according to Christie’s.

In 2015, Davis released “The New York City Room,” a tile that shows a room decorated with paintings by Andy Warhol and the original subway tile that runs through the Bronx.

Davis’ previous auctioned tiles include “The City of Glass,” a large-scale mural that shows an empty subway tunnel, as well as “The Manhattan.”

He also auctioned a tile titled “The Night Train,” a depiction of a train departing New York at night.

The artworks have since been removed from the galleries.

The tile was one of the first of its kind sold on eBay.

In 2018, Davis sold an 8-foot-wide (2.5 meters) piece of art titled “Eddie Van Halen” for $50,000 at Christie.

It was a huge hit, and a huge sell for Davis.

In 2016, he sold a tile featuring a giant neon sign that read “Mountain Dew” for a whopping $150 million at Christie, and in 2014, he auctioned one of his own tiles for $10 million at auction.

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