Amazon unveils the first of many home decor and home improvement stores in India

Amazon has opened its first of several home decor stores in the country, aiming to make the country’s biggest retailer accessible to a broader range of customers.

The Amazon Store in the capital city of New Delhi has been established to provide a range of home decor products and services for both the home and commercial market, as well as the elderly, with the aim of opening up more space to Indian customers.

Home decor products include wall decor, bedside lamps, mantel and bathroom accessories, aswell as housewares, bedsheets, bedcloths, pillows, wall art, wall decorations, wall fixtures, door and window decorations, window displays, and even some furniture.

The company also has a range on home improvement and furniture.

In the past, Amazon has focused its business on India and has been open to other markets.

For instance, the Indian company had partnered with the furniture giant Ikea to open an India-focused retail store in the city of Pune in 2014.

However, the company’s foray into India has been slower than that of other retailers.

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