This stylish Egyptian home decor is getting rave reviews

The Egyptian home décor designer, who goes by the name Maelah, is selling her creations for $1,200 and getting rave ratings on social media.

The decor features Egyptian architecture and Egyptian street art.

She has an Instagram account called Maelahs Egyptian House Design.

Her Instagram account shows photos of the designs, which are called “Euphoric Egypt,” and they feature a large, curved staircase, a wooden floor and the word “E” across the floor.

She even has a little video on her Instagram that shows her making the designs with the help of a stylist.

One of the more popular designs is a wooden dining table that has a picture of a lion on it, and an Egyptian “O” in the middle of it.

She says the lion’s eyes are her favorite part of the design.

I’ve always wanted to do a lion and I’m really happy with the lion.

I have to say, I’m very happy with my lions eyes and the lion is my favorite part, MaelAH says on her account.

She also has a video on the same Instagram of the lion and a video of her making it with the stylist and a friend.

One design she is selling on her Facebook page is a gold-colored, marble dining table with a lion sitting on it and a “W” in its middle.

It’s called “The Egyptian Lion,” she says on the Instagram account.

This is the most expensive thing I have ever done, she says in the video.

It was $1.5 million.

The most expensive piece I have done, the most amazing thing I’ve ever done.

It just doesn’t get any better.

And I just love making this.

It makes me happy.

I just love it, she adds.

I just like doing it.

The Instagram account also shows pictures of a pair of shoes that she made with a stylzer.

She describes them as “Egyptian shoes.”

“I always wanted a pair that would stand up to my Egyptian pride,” she said on her profile.

“So I bought two pairs of Egyptian shoes.

They are Egyptian shoes and they are beautiful.”

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