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The 1970s home décor scene was dominated by designer James Stratton’s Stratton and his wife, Evelyn, who was a renowned designer in the country and was the daughter of a renowned fashion designer.

Stratton had been designing and selling home décolleté for over 40 years and his company, Stratton Home Designs, was one of the major commercial house designers of the era.

He designed a number of famous homes including his own Stratton House in Sydney and the beautiful Sydney Opera House, which has now been sold to Sydney’s National Museum of Australia.

Today, the home has been given a modern facelift by the NSW government.

Strington was one to always look for inspiration and inspiration often came from overseas.

He was a collector of art and designs and loved to travel.

The Stratton Museum in Brisbane houses the collection of his collection of designs, as well as a collection of Stratton house and furniture from the Stratton Estate in Perth.

Today’s Strangeways show is a great opportunity to see the collection.

We’ve curated a series of photos from around Australia, showing some of the great Strangeway designs and showcasing some of Strangways best-selling pieces.

We hope you enjoy these images and if you do, we’d love to see your comments and photos.

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