Which of these houses in Cork are you most likely to buy in the future?

RTE is on a mission to uncover the secrets of the 60s home.

As part of this project, we’re looking at all the 60’s houses that we’ve identified so far and trying to come up with an answer to the question “What are you buying now?”

RTE has been following the trend with a series of posts, each highlighting one of the houses on the list.

These houses have been designed with modern design elements in mind.

From modern appliances to contemporary decor and the modernist look, the houses we have chosen to highlight have a distinctly modern feel to them.

In a previous article, we highlighted the iconic house on the Cork-born list of the most popular house in Cork.

This is one of our favourite examples of the 1960s.

It has a contemporary, modern twist with the modern furniture and appliances, but its an eclectic design.

The house is very similar to the original with the same design elements, but the house has been modified to take advantage of the modern house designs.

The modernism is evident in the design of the kitchen, the bathrooms and the living room.

There are also a number of contemporary touches that make the home look modern.

The kitchen features a contemporary kitchen cabinet and a contemporary woodwork throughout the room.

There is also a contemporary and modernised living room that includes a modern dining table, a modern kitchen chair, and a modern sofa.

Another house on this list is one that is very popular in the city.

It is a very modern home that features a modern and modern-style fireplace.

And in another house, it is one you might not have seen in Cork at all, but you will definitely have to check it out.

This one is located in the old town of Colyco, in County Wicklow.

This is the home of the man who was the founder of the country’s first post office, Thomas D’Aurel.

For a more modern look, there is a modern contemporary kitchen with modern furnishings throughout the home.

A modern contemporary bedroom with modern appliances is also found here.

An example of modern furniture in the house is found here and a kitchen is also present in the bedroom.

At the end of the day, the house on our list is quite a bit different than what you might expect from a modern home.

But it is still a modern house, which is something that you need to be aware of when looking for a home in Cork that’s right for you.

The house on RTE’s list is not listed in Cork City Council’s historic register and is therefore not subject to planning permission.

It has a property tax value of €7,900 per annum.

The address on Rte’s list has also been removed from the Cork City Register.

RTE will be adding more homes to this list as we add them.

If you know of any other houses that RTE might have missed, please get in touch.

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