My beautiful wife and I are about to celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary!

We’ve been married for a whopping 50 years.

That’s a lot of years.

I can tell you that it is definitely a lot to remember. 

It’s also not something I’ve been able to do without.

I don’t think it’s possible to forget what it was like for a couple of years and then have a wonderful time with them. 

So it was really nice to finally get to celebrate our anniversary with them on the weekend. 

We spent a little time talking about the special times we’ve shared over the years, and I think that’s when we hit the big time.

We both shared stories that I’d always wanted to share with our guests, and it was fun to see how they responded to them.

I’ve got some photos to share for you today! 

We shared a few of our favourite memories with the couples.

We also talked about the things we wish we’d done differently when it came to decorating our home. 

I think our favourite thing to decorate with our wedding day was our bedroom.

It was a perfect spot for me and our families, and the room was beautiful. 

The room was so beautiful because of our big dreams of decorating a beautiful house together.

We wanted to create the perfect little home that we could share with all of our loved ones. 

When we started planning our wedding, I was already working on my next project and I wanted to do something special for our anniversary.

We were planning a fun, fun night at the spa.

So we decided to go to the spa on our wedding night.

I have a friend who’s been a spa doctor for years and I know that there are many amazing people at the Spa and I decided to bring her along for the experience. 

On our way to the Spa, I thought to myself, “It’s not like we have a ton of time to plan and create a wonderful wedding.

What if we do this instead?

We could go to a local restaurant and have a great dinner and then we can spend the rest of the day in the spa?” 

We started out planning for the perfect date.

We knew we wanted to have a good time at the wedding, so we wanted something that would be special for the wedding.

So when I took my dress to the wedding dress boutique, I started talking with the stylist. 

“This is going to be a great dress.

I’d love to do this for you.” 

I was really excited because I’d had such a hard time getting my hair cut.

The stylist came back with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and told me that she was going to help me make it even better. 

My friends and I had been looking for a wedding dress for a while and finally got one.

We loved it so much that I was looking forward to going to the bride’s wedding.

I was planning to have it for her on her wedding day, but I needed it before the ceremony. 

As we waited in line for our first reception at the Wedding Chapel, I got a text from my sister, my fiancee and our friends at the Bride and Groom Shop. 

They told me to bring my dress back. 

But the wedding wasn’t going to happen until the following day. 

That evening, we went to a nearby restaurant and ordered some appetizers. 

During our meal, we ordered the salad with rice and beans and we had the main course. 

Then we went into the bathroom and got ready for the big night. 

This is where the story gets a little messy. 

After our meal we were sitting in the bathroom waiting for our wedding dress to arrive. 

Suddenly, a door opened in the middle of the kitchen and the guests walked in. 

One of the guests took off her dress and the rest rushed out of the bathroom to the living room to get ready for their wedding. 

 The bride was wearing this beautiful white dress that she had made herself.

She wore it with a matching necklace. 

She had on a matching black skirt. 

There was a huge smile on her face as she walked down the aisle. 

Everyone was so excited to be celebrating her special day. 

 The bride went through her dress with great enthusiasm, and then came back to the kitchen. 

From the beginning of our wedding ceremony, everyone in the room knew that the moment they saw the bride, they knew that it was going down. 

Now that we were able to celebrate with her on the anniversary of our marriage, we wanted everyone in this room to have the same feeling of happiness that we felt on our big day.

So I wanted everyone to take a moment and get to know the bride and her family. 

What a great night to celebrate! 

The wedding was wonderful, and we couldn’t have asked for a better wedding day.

It wasn’t easy, but we made it through. 

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