When the Krumpets were the King

Home decor trends in Germany have a lot to do with the Krumps’ reign as kings.

The Krumps, as you probably already know, are best known for their home decor.

Their iconic red and white design has been used for centuries and has become a symbol of modern German life.

But in a modern twist, the Krampus is actually a symbol for the German people.

The Kringles are also famous for their housewares.

But their designs are often a little bit out of place in modern homes.

The two brothers founded a furniture company in 1852.

They used their expertise to create furniture for German cities and villages.

The Krumps became famous for the large variety of their products, which are now known as the Kramps Kringle line.

The family owned a furniture manufacturing plant and started selling its wares in 1873.

At the same time, they were building the Kringelands Castle.

It wasn’t until 1883 that the Krumped family started selling their own furniture.

The first Krumpet Castle was designed by Hans-Wilhelm Schuster, who died in 1887.

The castle, now called Schuster Castle, was built in 1893.

The castle, built on the grounds of the castle, is located at the foot of the Rhine.

It’s located on a hill overlooking the Rhineland and the Rhone River.

The housewables that the brothers designed have become a very popular part of German homes.

They have become such a popular piece of German home decor that the German word Krumpenmeister means “to make home furniture”.

It is important to note that the word Krampenmeisters housewable was not invented in Germany.

The word Krumping comes from the German Krampes, meaning “people of wealth”.

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