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By the end of June, more than 5 million Americans will be eligible for the new Medicare-funded health insurance program called the “Sunflower” home decor program, and that’s just the beginning.

It’s just one part of the federal government’s plan to offer subsidized housing, which means that Americans can now buy a home in any state that offers a “Sun” tag.

And while some people might think the “sun” tag is a marketing gimmick, the program actually helps the government make its case that housing is the right way to pay for health care.

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the new program will help people pay for up to $6,000 in premiums, up to three years of Medicare benefits, and up to a $1,500 down payment on a new home, which will be paid off by a federal loan.

The program will also provide up to 25 percent of eligible homeowners’ health insurance premiums to the government.

“We’re going to help them pay for the cost of a home,” said Dr. David Wessel, chief of psychiatry at New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

“This is an opportunity for a lot of people to put down roots and create a little bit of income.”

In New York City, where home prices are skyrocketing, homeowners with a “sunflower” tag have to spend an average of $7,000 to buy a single-family home.

So far, only one in three of the homes that have been bought through the Sunflower program have been built by Sunflower residents.

While there is a chance that some of the homeowners may be able to afford to move to another state, the federal housing agency is offering no guarantees about whether homeowners will be able afford to do so.

In fact, the government has warned that people who are eligible for a home through the program may face a steep premium hike if they do decide to move.

That’s because the program only covers a fraction of the cost for the home.


to the Sunflowers, the Suntag is not a subsidy.

Instead, the subsidy is a “bundling mechanism” that helps offset some of these costs for the federal governments costs of health care, including the mortgage payments.

Sunflower President and CEO Chris Ries, who has worked in real estate for 20 years, says the “bundle” is a way to reduce federal government spending while providing a financial cushion to families who may be struggling financially.

“They’re not giving the government money,” Ries said.

It’s a gamble for the government But for all the talk of the government subsidizing home ownership, it may not be quite so easy to find a home with a Sunflower tag. “

The Sunflorns are a little worried about the cost, but we think that the money is worth it.”

It’s a gamble for the government But for all the talk of the government subsidizing home ownership, it may not be quite so easy to find a home with a Sunflower tag.

While the program has been rolling out in cities and towns across the country, there is only one “Sunflowers” neighborhood in New York.

And the city is currently only covering a portion of the costs for Sunflair homeowners.

The city is now spending $1.6 million a year to help homeowners pay for their health insurance, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio.

That money will be used to help pay down the mortgages and help pay for a down payment.

“If people are making their home more expensive, then that could be a concern, but it is a concern that they can’t pay that down payment,” de Blasio said.

If you’re wondering how you can get a Sunflare home for yourself, you can check out our list of the best places to buy your next home.

If your city has no Sunflares, you’ll still be able buy a SunFlower home for as little as $2,500.

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