What is Witchy?

The Witchy brand was created in the mid-2000s and is based in France.

They have an online store with a selection of home decor products, as well as an online boutique. 

Witchy was founded by four women who came together to create a home decor brand with a mission to offer high quality products that are affordable, elegant and unique. 

It was founded with a love of French home decor and French heritage, said Christine Jager, a marketing director for Witchy. 

“The idea of Witchy was to provide a unique experience, an aesthetic, to complement our passion for French home design, French heritage and to have a place to shop and sell to those who love French home décor,” she said. 

In 2016, the company expanded into the U.S. with the addition of a store in Philadelphia. 

The company has sold more than 100 million Witchy products, with over 1.5 million unique items sold worldwide. 

As part of its expansion, Witchy opened a store that will focus on French home-design products and craft. 

Jager said Witchy has a strong commitment to their product portfolio. 

One of the reasons Witchy launched their new store was to give people a new and affordable place to buy French home furnishings and craft items, she said, adding that she is excited about the new shop opening in Philadelphia in 2019. 

Passion and vision The new store is part of Witchry’s expansion in the U! 

The brand is a “high-end boutique,” which means that Witchy will focus primarily on French products. 

Their products will be “affordable, chic and chic home decor that will look and feel great,” said Jager. 

A “luxury brand” Witches passion for quality products is evident in their website, which features a variety of gorgeous home décolors. 

For example, their collection of wood-grain framed prints are beautiful and unique to the brand. 

They also have a collection of natural wood frames and chairs, which are beautiful to look at, and they have a selection for the family, which will also feature a variety in home decor. 

All of the products are made in-house by Witchy, which is why they have high-quality ingredients. 

On the product front, Witchry offers a wide selection of products, including: Paintings from local designers and artists, Wood-grain frames, chairs, furniture, books, accessories and more, and Crafts from all over the world. 

 Witchery is also a “bespoke brand,” which Jager said means that the company will take pride in making a quality product that will meet their customers’ expectations. 

With a focus on craft and quality, Jager explained that Witchry is focused on keeping the value of the product at the forefront. 

“[Our customers] expect a high-end, luxury product that has been handcrafted to their exacting standards, which means we take pride not only in our products, but in the work we do to craft our products to their unique specifications,” she added. 

I love this brand and this company.

I have been looking for a brand that is high quality, affordable, and beautiful for years, I just thought Witchy would be it. 

[email protected] W Witchy is looking forward to expanding into Philadelphia and Philadelphia’s great neighborhood. 

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