Japanese home decor trends: 90s home style, 90s style,90’s style

The 90s are over.

A year ago, Japanese home design was the first wave of change, with the first-generation home-loving millennials (those born after 1985) setting out to build their own personal utopias.

Now, Japanese designers are setting out once again to build the homes of tomorrow.

While the trend is all about the home, the design ethos of the 90s also includes the notion of personalizing the space.

“The 90s were an era of big living spaces,” said Masaru Okamura, who owns and operates Okamura Design Group in Tokyo.

“We want to create space that we can enjoy without the pressure of a house.

We want to design spaces that can accommodate people with different lifestyles and interests.”

Here are some of the coolest, most recent and best-designed Japanese homes:

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