How to Buy a Home in the Elephant Home Decorating Contest

A week after an elephant was found dead in a garage in New Jersey, a man from Georgia bought the home for $1,600, according to The American Conservatory of Art.

The house is located in Newburgh, Georgia, according the American Conservatories website.

The home is decorated with a wall of African-American and Indian prints, along with other paintings and sculptures.

The home also features a wooden floor and window frames.

The owner of the home is named Anthony D’Angelo, according The American College of Art in Georgia.

According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, D’ Angelo said he had been living in the home since October and was hoping to move out.

D’Angelo told The Chronicle he was looking for a place to live and he wanted to be able to be out and about, according TOHO.

He is known for his love of African American culture, and is known to travel to African nations to visit with his family.

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